Editorial Calendar

January            Fitness 
February          Relationships, Balance & Harmon
March               Health and Wellness - "transitioning into wellness"
April                  Earth Awareness 
May                   Transformation 
June                  Men’s Health 
July                    Fun & Adventure 
August              Pets
September       Children’s Health & Yoga
October            Women’s Health 
November        Stress & Anxiety 
December        Humanity 
Every month we spotlight different individuals & businesses that focus on healthy living of the mind, body & spirit. Our #1 goal is to be a community resource for alternative and traditional health. We welcome all article submissions that showcase your specialty and help our readers grow & become more informed.
Editorial Submission Guidelines:
• A half page article 450-word count etc. A full page 950- word count.
Include bio and contact information. New business & Anniversary News Brief
submissions up to 300 words.
• Editorial content should have a general appeal to all readers and should not
be focused exclusively on your direct business or service. Your bio will
indicate your direct company name, contact etc. Please send in Word document,
Quark X Press etc. Photos: high resolution image, 300 dpi.

We welcome all article submissions, however we cannot guarantee placement.
The publisher retains the right to edit, or delete copy that does not meet our
publication guidelines for editorial submission.

Please send your submissions to: CherylsRealm@aol.com with the Subject: Editorial Submission.